TWIST Blinds

A blind with both design and function. Have the best of both worlds with light and privacy control, not to mention a beautiful and contempoary window and door covering. A range of tasteful fabrics and colours makes this blind a true statement.


Luxaflex® Twist Blinds let you effortlessly slide two stylish fabrics past each other in an open, half open or completely closed position to create the perfect look for your window.

Choose from a collection of subtle voils, silky and textured fabrics with a luxurious feel. Twist blinds create a unique look for your windows and add a design feature to any room. Motorised or manual options are available to suit your every requirement.

Block out, translucent and sheer

Comes in different colours and fabrics

Can be mototrised

Insulation and UV Protection


Open-  the voil allows for the view while still having privacy

Roll the blind completely up or halfway.

Roll the blind so that the solid stripes of fabric cover the voil and the blind is completely closed.