PolySatin™ finish is used on Luxaflex shutters to get that smooth wood look. This ensures that these shutters never crack, fade, chip or warp and will never need to be painted. Luxaflex Polyresin shutters is a premium product equipped with a 25 year warranty. This ensures absolute peace of mind that you are receiving the best quality.

Can be placed in moisture rich areas

Custom made to measure

Interior use only

25 Year Warrantee


Hinged Shutters

Two Hinged to one side

Hinged Shutters

Two Hinged left, Two Hinged Right

Hinged Shutters

Three panels Two hinged left, One right

Bifold Track system

Panels fold and stack either left or right.

Bypass Sliding Shutters

Two front panels slide over two back panels

Hinged Shutters

Multiple individual frames with two hinged panels in one opening

Hinged Shutters

Single panel Hinged to left or right



63mm louvre with Clearview® hidden rear tilt

89mm louvre with Clearview® hidden rear tilt

114mm louvre with Clearview® hidden rear tilt